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The curriculum content of the Center follows the standards established by the National Association For Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The Center will provide children with developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences that stimulate learning in all developmental areas, and focus on age appropriate learning environments and individual needs. The Center will provide an atmosphere that will facilitate a balance between child-initiated, child-directed, teacher-supported interactions. All activities are geared around individual needs of all the children participating in the program.


McMillian's FIRST STEPS will provide developmentally appropriate activities for children, while creating an individualized curriculum. Our focus is on the "whole" child. The activities that are selected will contribute to, and enhance, the developmental level of all children participating in the program at a given time. The staff will promote self-esteem, and encourage active learning through direct sensory experiences within the Center.

Toddler Program 
(16 months - 2.12 years)


The curriculum of the toddler program is to provide the toddler with a variety of activities and experiences to help them learn and grow. The staff will provide toddlers with an environment that encourages exploration, social interactions, independence and personal care skills. The toddler schedule is comprised of several opportunities for play as well as times to eat, rest, outdoor play, and small group interactions. A thematic curriculum and seasonal activities are incorporated into the daily schedule. The staff will help to structure social interchanges in such a way that children learn and to resolve conflicts verbally. Art materials, blocks, dramatic play materials, books, puzzles and various manipulative materials will be provided to stimulate cognitive development and curiosity. The toddler staff will provide consistent support to children and parents when a child shows an interest in toilet training. 

Infant Program
(6 Weeks - 15 Months)


McMillian's FIRST STEPS believes that each infant has his/her own schedule, which will include eating, sleeping, quiet play, activity play and outside time. The curriculum of the infant program will focus on the individual child and provide each infant with a variety of activities and experiences to develop new skills about the world around them. The Centerxs staff will help infants develop a sense of trust and encourage independence. The staff will further provide ample opportunities to foster language acquisition and cognitive development.

Beginner Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment
(3 - 5 years)


The curriculum of the preschool program puts emphasis on language, readiness skills, small muscle skills (fine motor), large motor skills (movement), problem-solving skills and social interaction (play) with others. The preschool staff will empower children to be active learners in their environment. Activities may center on a specific topic or theme, geared around the many interests of the group. The daily schedule will provide periods of self selected activities, teacher selected activities, games, art projects, gross motor opportunities, rest time, and snack. 

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