Linda McMillian

Academy Principal

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Harold McMillian


Ms. Chantrell Causey     

 Director / Assistant Principal

Mr. Christopher McMillian

Information Technology/Pearson Vue-IT



Rashad McMillian

Math Teacher of the Academy

Ms. Dorinda Root

Lead Teacher

Tracey Collins Williams

History Teacher of the Academy

Mr. Patrick Mackey

Lead Teacher

Mrs. Daria Lee

Science Teacher of the Academy

Mrs. Gwindalyn Bellizan

Lead Teacher 

Ms. Losie Worley


Laurie Holland

Spanish Teacher 

Eave Garion

Science Teacher of the Academy 

Patrice Johnson

ELA Teacher 

Dorothy Lopes


Saline Johnson


Trishekka Diles

Lead Teacher



Child Care Teachers:

Mrs. Sonya Prembrick- Child Care Teacher

Ms. Lashelle Penns -Child Care Teacher 

Ms. Regina Gordon -Child Care Teacher 

Ms. Clara Beal -Child Care Teacher

Ms. Lisa Quinn - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Kasena Robert - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Sade Martin  - Child Care Teacher                 Mrs. Tenille Paige - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Irish Langston - Child Care Teacher

Mrs. Paulette Williams- Child Care Teacher

Ms. Shirley Thomas - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Monique Bailey -Child Care Teacher

Ms. Susan Matthews -Child Care Teacher 

Ms. Rodnika Black - Child Care Teacher- 

Ms. Yolanda Gordon - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Troinita Turner - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Annetrist Vigne - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Cydney Wright -Child Care Teacher 

Ms. Brittnay Noble- Child Care Teacher

Ms. Whitney Quinn - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Jasmine Armstrong - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Rodericka Birden - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Jessica Brown - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Sadie Coleman - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Byronisha Crockett - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Letitia Douse - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Tasmine Fernandez - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Quiante Green - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Micisha Guy - Child Care Teacher

Ms. Dominique Lamison - Child Care Teacher

LA- 4 Teachers:

Ms. Michelle Bartley 

Ms. Angell Love

Mrs. Tanya Watson

Ms. Kenishia Puckett

Ms. Chloe Roussell

Ms. Danita Estrada



Support Team:

Ms. Sharie Brock  - Cook

Ms. Marilyn Cooper - Cook

Ms. Deneisha Tate - Cook

Ms. Irish Langston - Administrative Asst.

Ms. Marie Bailey - Secretary

Albert Patterson - Maintenance Manager

Clinton Chaffold   - Maintenance

Edward Johnson - Janitor / Percussion Teacher

Samaya Buckner - Majorette Director

Jade Newport -  Dance Director

Malik Haynes - Summer Band Director

Ms. Fanchon McMillian - Extra Curricular / Elective Teacher

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