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Dear Parents,


We have set aside the evening of Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 3:30 have a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING with each Academy parent.  This meeting is MANDATORY and you must be in attendance.  This meeting will have everything to do with your child’s academic status from this point throughout the remainder of this school year.


It is so CRUCIAL that you make every attempt to be in attendance to hear what your child is currently doing AND what way he/she is headed by the end of this school year.  We feel we need to have this VERY SERIOUS meeting with you to inform or alert you on whether your child is passing or failing for this school year.


Several referrals have been sent home informing you about the lack of homework, no/poor classroom participation, not bringing the proper materials to class more often not, continuous disruptive behavior, continuous disrespectfulness shown to their teacher and so on.  It is all of these actions that contribute to your child’s overall grade.  If the academic grade is low and your child has received referrals or you have received phone calls about his/her behaviors, then the final grade will drop to a lower grade.  However, if your child has excellent academic grades and NO behavior problems, you can expect the academic grade to increase.


We look forward to seeing you on:


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2015 AT 3:30 P.M.

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