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Head of School's Welcome,

Thank you for visiting the McMillian’s FIRST Steps Community Development Academy. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and recommendations at any time.


This website will demonstrate our approach to building a healthy communication and partnership between parents and families by providing information that will allow you and your child to have a positive experience at McMillian’s FIRST Steps Community Development Academy.


Linda McMillian
Executive Director


The mission of McMillian’s FIRST Steps CDC is to provide children, including children with disabilities, with high quality services, that result in long term positive effects on their physical, health, intellectual, and social-emotional development. These services are built upon the highest regard for culturally and linguistically responsive approaches and activities in warm and caring environments.


Children, including those with disabilities, have early childhood development and learning experiences that honor their unique characteristics, and prepare them for future school success. Families receive encouragement and support from service systems and their communities so they can achieve their own goals, and provide safe and nurturing environments for their young children. This recognition guides the design of early head start.  Whereas the Academy promotes excellence, genuine learning for the whole-child education and equitable opportunities for all students in an environment that respects diversity a foster collaborate and embrace learning in ever-changing world.

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