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Child Care Fees

No business can run without funding, therefore the following policies have been developed to promote the high quality services, materials, supplies, and well-trained, educated caregivers common to McMillian’s FIRST Steps CDC. Financial terms will be finalized upon signing the parent-provider contract.


Enrollment Fee

In order to reserve a child care space in the program and top cover the cost of paperwork, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.00 is due when you enroll your child. No child care spot will be reserved without an enrollment fee. The holding fees apply if you are requesting a holding period of more than one week. Tuition payments for the first week/1st.of each month are due on the child’s first day of attendance.


Weekly Tuition payments of $200.00 is used to provide the highest possible quality of care and environment for your child. Tuition is based on the schedule recorded on the Parent/Provider Contract and is due on the morning of MONDAYS, the first day of attendance each week or the 1st working day of the month. Payment is considered past due if not paid in full by 5:30 PM Monday (the close of business) of each week; at which time a $25 late tuition fee will be charged daily until tuition and fees are paid. Late payment of tuition may cause child care services to be suspended without notice until full payment is received.

Pre-paid fees including overpayments are non-refundable; it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Tuition is to be paid weekly or the 1st of each month if you choose to pay on a monthly basis; by check, credit card, money order, or in cash. You will no longer receive a weekly receipt/statement. Receipt/statement of payment will be provided on a monthly basis recording your weekly payments as well as any additional charges due or credit given.


At least two weeks’ notice will be given before a rate increase is put into effect. To avoid increase unnecessary, the school must receive 100% of tuition payments and it must be paid in a timely fashion as outlined in this handbook. In addition, when an increase is necessary for non-payment, (by some parents) I am sorry to say, the good will have to suffer for the bad. For ALL parents that are late paying tuition their child will be place on the school’s DO NOT ADMIT poster that will be displayed in the front lobby of the school, as well as flyers posted to the doors of the building and will not be allowed to re-turned until full payments are made.


Tuition that is owed to the school and have not been collected satisfactory will be forward to the collection agency that the school has signed up with (“Provider Guard”) and will be reported to the three (3) main credit bureaus for non-payment as a “charge off”; as well as reported nationally to avoid what is called and known as “child care hopper”. In addition, if you received aid from the Child Care Assistance Program, they will be notified that you were not making your co-payments. In this case, they can pursue collecting what was paid by their office to the school. As the provider, any further legal action can be taken to secure tuition repayments made on their behalf to the school, under false pretense and or breach of contract.


This current rate went into effect on March 1, 2012 for existing and incoming students at the time of registration.


  • New incoming students: $100.00

  • Re-registration for return students: $150.00

(who left the center and would like to resume their services with McMillian’s).


Basic Per Week Rates:


Rate Per Week / Due by Mondays

  • Infants, Toddlers, Beginner Pre-K, Pre-Kindergarten: $200.00


Additional Fees Per Year Rate:


Rate Per Year / Due by September 1st

  • Activity / Enrichment Fee: $125.00

(Due by ALL students from Infants through Pre-Kindergarten)

  • School I.D.: $10.00

(Due by ALL students from infants through Pre-Kindergarten)


Daily Rates:


(SCHOOL UNIFORM) Boys and Girls not properly attired will be charged a $10.00 fee per day. It is essential that your child be properly attired daily.

(Due by ALL students from Toddlers through Pre-Kindergarten)


Late Drop Off and Pick Up Fee: (per student; not per family)

$15.00 per every 2 minutes late: due at drop off and /or pick-up


Mandatory (FALL) Fundraiser: Yearly Raffle

$100.00 per student not per family! Due October 31st

(Due by ALL students from Infants through Pre-Kindergarten)


EXCLUSION (FALL) Fundraiser: Yearly Raffle

Recovery School District / Early Head Start Students and the LA-4 Students

Note: {Their fees are already paid / included in tuition by each of the programs}


Optional (SPRING) Fundraiser: School’s Yearly Ball

  • Ad Booklet—Issue date: December (Runs from December through 3rd week in January)

  • Fun Factory Brochure: Issue date January (Runs two weeks only)




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